When it is about freeriding open terrain that can be reached by lift stations, whether it requires a brief approach time or none, our team is second to none. Over a decade of professional or leisure skiing and snowboarding provides all our guides with extensive knowledge of all kinds and classes of terrain around ski resorts in the Alps.


We always know where the best and safest snow at a certain time is, thanks to a daily (yes, true!!) review of weather and snow conditions with the support of a large net of local connections, in addition with a life long experience about specific local weather patters.

No matter if you just want to spice up your Austrian snow vacation or you are looking for the ultimate uncrowded secret spot in the Dolomites (as long as you keep it for you!), we have the solution for you.

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What is referred to as "Touring" is definitely the ultimate experience in skiing and riding mountain terrain away from ski resorts.

Nothing can beat the feeling of freedom and peace of a touring day... as long as everything goes well, and here we come into play.

Planning the perfect touring day means knowing perfectly the area you are going to, the specific of the route of choice, the weather forecast and above all what the avalanche danger level is and its specifics.

As Guides, our challenge is to provide you with an experience that will remain in your heart, which usually consists of skiing or snowboarding good snow, fair weather, fun terrain and SAFE CONDITIONS. These elements are not easy to combine: only long time experience, constant up-to-date information and hard work will make it happen. Because any guide can keep you safe on a boring hard-pack route!

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It is for a reason if more and more people are falling in love with ice-climbing. It is the entry gate to a fabulous, ephimeral, ice world that only exists somewhere for a short amount a of time. 

If you wish to go there where this world exists doing something that is right for your level of skills and experience, you should definitely contact us.

Other than providing the highest safety parameters, our guides can count on a very long list of ice climbing locations with difficulties ranging from entry level to extreme.

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The favorite activity for the Trekking lovers when the snow dresses everything in white!

Snow shoeing is possibly the best winter activity to get in tune with nature, slowing down it's pace in early winter and waking back up in spring.

Combining a good Snow-shoe tours with unique Panoramas and the finest local food is the way to go for us.


No crowd, no stress, just relax!

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