Trekking is the most ancient of all outdoor activities, yet still that one that  allows us to live the mountain environment to the fullest.

The highlight of our Trekking offers are:


  • Trekkings of the Monte Baldo massiv, also known as "the Garden of Europe" for hosting a vast amount of unique botanical species and some of the highest biodiversity rates in the world. Its summits are natural sightseeing terraces over the Central Alps on one side and Norther Italy on the other. The only one place where you can look at Lake Garda, the Dolomites, Verona and Venice all at the same time!

  • Trekkings in the Cordillera Blanca (Peru'), one of the most stunning range on the Planet, where blue lagoons meet the largest glaciers of the Andes. The right choice if want to get lost into magic highlands and find your peace of mind.

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Engaging in a Via Ferrata route is the best way to get a real mountaineering experience, with options and difficulty levels for beginners and expert.

Aside of the most classic and known routes, the plus we offer is to bring our Clients to the least known routes around the Monte Baldo massiv, Little Dolomites and the Dolomites area.


If you are tired of sharing your days in the mountain with dozens of of others, come with us and discover some of the finest hidden gems of Via Ferrata routes.

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Canyoning at Monte Baldo and Lake Garda at its finest.

Wether it is about a company event or just to add a unique experience to your vacation, going down an alpine canyon is one of those things that no one can easily forget.

With the help of our professionals we will take you to live a full wilderness adventure in complete safety.

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Multi-pitch routes in the Dolomites, in the world famous Sarca Valley or in the little known Adige Valley.


Climbing Technique courses at some of the finest crags in Trentino and Introduction courses to the world of rock climbing.

Not matter what is your wish, our Guides (and avid climbers) will find a solution for you.

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To use the words of mountaineering legend Walter Bonatti "those who goes higher will see further, those who see further will dream longer".

In these words lays the essence of mountaineering and our mission: to bring you high and  let you see further.

We lead High Alpine tours mainly in the Central Alps and in the Cordillera Blanca of the Andes.  So you can decide to climb with us some of the most iconic peaks in the Alps, like the Ortler, the Piz Bernina or the Grossglockner  and in the Andes like the Alpamayo and the Huascaran.

Otherwise we can plan with you a unique tour to others peaks that fascinat you!


Yes, we love to see further and dream longer. We will be happy to share with you some little secrets that we have come to know through years of going to the mountains!

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