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Carving is damn fun! Get hooked by that surfy feeling and the never ending quest for the perfect turn. In these two days you will learn how to master the art of Carving together with two Certificate Snowboard Coaches (Austrian ÖSSV)


Carving is the essence of snowboarding, developing good understanding and skills at it will allow you to enjoy your days on board exponentially, whether at the resort, freeriding or touring.

Improving your technique will make all kinds of terrain more interesting and fun, as well as keeping you on board and injury free well into an older age. 


Kühtai offers the perfect playground for our goals. Many slopes of different angles and steepness together with unique training facilities like the Boardercross & Halfpipe course, perfect tools for improving your carving game.

10. - 11. - 12. January 2020

Location:                         Kühtai, Tirol (Austria)

Target:                               Intermediate Snowboarders

                                               Advanced Snowboarders


Requirements:              Turning on all groomed slopes

                                               Basic edge skills

Instructors:                       Mattia Vicentini, Tjitte Stolk

Schedule:                           Friday 3:        check-in until 18:00

                                                                             Info & Briefing


                                                                             Seminar:    Dynamics and Biomechanic of Turning on a Snowboard, Carving fundamentals

                                                                                                     training carving skills, gear check


                                                 Saturday 4:  Fundamentals of Carving, Technique Drills, Different types of turns, Stance choice

                                                                             Carving like surfing  


                                                 Sunday 5:       Ripping Fresh Groomer: choose turning radius, choos a line, manage speed  

                                                                              Reading the terrain and choosing your line

                                                                              Banked Slalom technique


                                                                              Ecotrack Friendly Race 


                                                                              Final Ecotrack Aperitiv and Prize Giving! ( better not having to drive)

Prices:                                Starving for Carving Price 


                                                220,00 €/person incl. MwSt

                                                20% DISCOUNT  for group bookings (3-8 people) 

                                                10% DISCOUNT if you travel by public transportation*




  •  2 days Carving Coaching

  • 2h Theory Seminar

  • Accident Insurance

  • Free Board Test Korua Shapes



  • Accommodation

  • Food & Drinks

  • Lift Tickets

                                               Full package Price 


                                              430,00 €/person


                                              20% DISCOUNT for group bookings (3-8 people) 

                                              10% DISCOUNT if you travel by public transportation*


  • 2x days Carving Coaching

  • 2h Theory Seminar

  • Insurance

  • Free Board Test Korua Shapes

  • 2 days lift-tickets

  • 2 nights Accomodation with Bed&Breakfast


  • Tourismus tax 

  • Food and drinks

  • Transportation









Download the Info Page and Gear List: 

!!! If you wish to join us only on Saturday 4 in the morning that is also possible, please contact us !!!

* Valid only for complete round trips over public transportation, i.e. train -> bus . Tickets required as travel proof.




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